An Update of Sorts


It’s been a while so I thought I’d update on my usual issues:

Cats – They have cabin fever and vacillate between sleeping and raising utter hell

Guitar – I suck but am getting those damn calluses back, which is a good thing

Writing – Work is taking up a bit of time now but I got some strides made last weekend and will continue this one. I am inspired so there’s that.

Carjo – She perseveres despite some troubling medical issues.

Vehicles – Mercury Land Yacht (TM) has a flat tire and the Family Truckster is starting to burn oil. Oh, it’s just lovely.

Dogs – lovable but both have the brain power of gnats

Tech – I have somewhat succeeded in resurrecting my old desktop computer and will proceed to run it into the ground. But every piece of tech in this house is getting quite old and the situation remains precarious.

Exercise – I’m back on the wagon after a bad back killed me for about a month. I’m hitting the treadmill on a regular basis. If I can get my pushups/plank program in the same state I’ll be a better man.

Weather – It’ll be a warm weekend after being cold all week. By Monday we get snow, then more deep freeze, then a little thaw. The cycle of winter suck continues.

Beer – There’s not enough in this house. Enough to get me by but not enough where I can drink more than a couple a week. That’s not good but I can live with it for now.

And so it goes.

Oh, and Trump sucks. No, it’s beyond suck. He’s fucking dangerous. Disorganized, chaotic, foolish, impulsive, and thin-skinned. I predict the asshole will be impeached before 2018 election season because by then the Republican party just won’t be able to afford having him around any more. And there is SO MUCH they could impeach him for. Just wait…

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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