Caturday – Warm in the Winter Sun


We have had Luna Lovegood for a year and a half now. We think that by nature she’s a solitary cat who would have preferred to be our ONLY cat. But she adapted. Except for the occasional tantrum due to cabin fever she gets along with everyone, particularly Sansa. That’s good because for several months Sansa was her archenemy, her nemesis, her Lex Luthor. So Luna is on board with living with other cats. Now there’s a new development.

Luna has kept herself to particular safe spaces when sleeping. Designated areas where she feels safe and can snooze with no one feline bothering her. Her sleeping position is always circular, keeping that soft underbelly tucked away, protected by claws and attitude. That has changed since summer. Now she crashes anywhere. Before she refused to sleep on the beds in the master bedroom or the man cave. Yesterday she spent the afternoon sleeping on her back between my wife’s knees in the master bedroom. In the photo above, she was caught sprawling on the pillows under the window in the man cave.

So life is good for Luna. This is one cat who HATED being in the shelter and it’s great to see her being carefree to sleep where she wants, or with whom she wants. Nap with Sansa in the master bedroom? Sure. Sprawl in the hallway with Arya after digesting way too much catnip? Absolutely. Crash on the treadmill while her human mother types recipes and gets into fights with conservative on Facebook? Doing that right now.


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