With a Head Full of Snow


We got about 4-5 fresh inches of powder in the last 24 hours and it looks beautiful. The dogs utterly freaked out because well, they’re really short and that more snow than they’re built for. Pippin can wade through it if he really wants to but the wind chill this morning was minus twenty so he’s wasn’t motivated to explore his vast territories. Merry can stand about an inch or so. She peed on the deck where the eaves hung over and there was only a trace of the stuff.

I plowed their pathways last night but it all drifted back in. I went out this morning with no coat and just slippers on my feet, shoveling the paths on the deck and then pushing a path to the driveway. It took me about five minutes and while that’s foolish, it’s survivable for a North Dakotan. This afternoon I’ll bundle up and clean off the steps at the side door and then work on the driveway. I was going to hit the treadmill today but the shoveling will give me ample cardio.

We’re in for a cold week and then some more snow, then a thaw. Rinse and repeat. We’ll be in this pattern for a couple more months. For me it’s an opportunity to get work done. Carjo is making noises about expanding the garden this spring and you know who is going to be doing the bulk of preparing this larger garden bed. And then everything else will come to a grinding halt. So I shall keep the proverbial grindstone spinning. It’s either that or think about what President Bannon is up to and that just gets me depressed and angry.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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