The First Sign of Spring


Pitchers and catchers are reporting today for spring training. I can breathe again.

It’s been a long wait. The 2016 Twins season was a nightmare. 103 losses, GM fired, and a pitching staff that was the very picture of incompetence. We had some prospects flame out and a couple that just didn’t live up to their potential. But some did. And some vets found their groove. And now we have a new front office, younger men who not only know how to pronounce sabermetrics, they are familiar with using them. And now comes the time when hope springs eternal.

I gave up on the NBA back when they abandoned sound fundamentals, hockey never held my interest, and my issues with the NFL are well documented on this blog. But I can never spurn baseball. Even a bad baseball game gives me something. Part of it is the zen of the sport; its measured pace and beautiful settings. Another part of it is that this is the game I know and understand best. So even though my Twins have had a run of wretched seasons that would scar most, I’m actually looking forward to the games beginning. There’s always hope. Actually with the likes of Sano, Kepler, and Buxton there’s more than a little hope.

So here I go again, ready for heartbreak and yet rolling the dice on love again. Throw that first pitch. I’m in the stands.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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