Caturday – Not Fit for the Proverbial…


Today we were besieged by our first March storm. It was a barrage of very high winds and about half of foot of snow. The dogs were less than pleased to walk outside to do their business. I had to clear paths on what had been a snow-free deck in the early afternoon and that has all drifted in again. And the cats? The cats decided it was National Nap Day.

Temperatures this past weekend had been unseasonably warm, almost in the 50s and the damn cats were in and out and in and out and in and out. Damn, it was tiresome. But today the little bastards KNEW without even going to the doors that is was some kind of nasty out. They all did like Luna in the photo above: sleep the day away. I expect tonight will be filled with cabin-fever-wind-sprints but right now everyone had their supper and they’re all crashing again. Life is good if you’re a cat. Life is compromised if you have small dogs and you have to shovel for the little bastards.

I got hit with some minor flu bug yesterday and today I’m sweating buckets any time I do anything physical. And because Carjo has her usual maladies, I’ve done a fair amount of cleaning, picking up, shoveling snow, trying to get our printer up and running, taking care of the livestock, etc. As my stoic Norwegian ancestors would say: uff da.

But I’ll improve. And so will the weather. Until, of course, the next March storm.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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