Another Gone Missing


A tomcat came into our yard last night, which sadly happens all too often. They come hoping against hope that one of cats will be in heat but that’s an impossibility and sometimes a fight breaks out. It used to be that Daniel and Sneakers would pound the living daylights out of the intruders and that would be it. But Sneakers has passed into another plane, where the sun shines, old bones don’t ache, and tuna is served. And Daniel has grown too old to rumble.

So last night this unneutered asshole cat came around looking for trouble. Luna has developed a sort of intolerance for interlopers and has been known to at least growl at them. My wife heard some commotion and came out in time to see the tomcat go after young Sheldon. Luna apparently came off the deck in a white hot rage and laid into the bastard. Sansa then attacked him from behind, clawing its backside with enough force to likely leave a scratch and sent the tom flying away. But Sheldon was traumatized and he fled the yard.

Now it’s the middle of the afternoon of the next day and he still hasn’t returned. I suppose that it’s possible he took refuge in an open shed or garage, one that got closed for the night after he got in it. We have walked the neighborhood and then drove around. No sign of the little guy. So we wait. And fret. And wait.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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