Caturday – Just Hangin’


Day two of extremely high winds (40mph+) so Sansa and Joffrey took a long afternoon nap together in the Man Cave.

It’s funny how perspective works. He’s quite a bit larger than her and yet because the tubby princess is closer to the camera she looks like the bigger cat.

Sunday we will be joining family and friends for a big Easter supper. The rest of the time I shall be writing, cranking tunes, playing guitar, and watching baseball n’ movies with my beloved. Also, there may be beer. Have a great weekend.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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3 Responses to Caturday – Just Hangin’

  1. johnstout64 says:

    They don’t like the wind ruffling their fur do they? Our cat Floyd is the same – he’ll put up with every other weather front, except the wind.
    Love your names for them, although if they share the same natures as their GoT counterparts I wouldn’t be letting either of them near my room!

  2. regressiveears says:

    Hey Jerko, It’s me, Kerry Krappost. I just figured out (what can I say? I’m slow) that I’m almost as dumb as you are. Maybe we can be buds. Let’s hang sometime. Maybe we can start our own idiot’s club and invite Jed and Chalkie.

  3. jeroljohnson says:

    Hey Kerry, blogs are dying. I don’t think even the idiots want to hang out here anymore.

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