I Can Compute But Can I Comprehend?


Something happened to my desktop computer and I’m not really sure what it was. As I have documented here (perhaps documented here too often), my old Dell desktop is staggering to the finish line. Windows 10 about did it in, making the CPU spike an insane amount of time and thus freezing or pausing whatever is running on the system. It could be a video, a song, a game, working with Word, or with an Excel spreadsheet. The first three are irritating, the next two utterly unacceptable.

But since the last couple weeks – no problems. I don’t know if Windows Creator Update cleaned up whatever was doing it or this old Dell is just getting second wind before it crashes to earth once and for all. But it is working about as well as it did a couple years ago. I am knocking on wood every chance I get.

We can’t afford to replace any of the three ancient computers in this house. We can’t afford replacing anything in this house right now. I just took out an ancient box elder tree in the front yard and it is just not seeing a replacement. So this makes me feel good. I can now limit use of my laptop, which will prolong its measured life, and my aging hands welcome using just the ergonomic board instead of the laptop.

So the Dell and I are friends again. If I come back here screaming incoherently, you’ll know the reason why.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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