Objectification as an Act of Defiance

Tricia Helfer B&W

A few years ago SyFy ran this mini-series called Ascension. I wrote a somewhat negative review of it here. Each episode of the show had at least one gratuitous shot of actress Tricia Helfer’s bare bottom so I titled my review “Ascension – Featuring Tricia Helfer’s Ass”. There was no photo of the aforementioned butt in that review.

I check the stats on this site periodically and I am continually amazed that the post gets a viewer at least once a week and you know damn well it’s not because I’m ripping a mini-series on basic cable that no one remembers. Hell, I bet even Tricia Helfer forgot about it once she cashed the checks. Nope, it’s all because of those three magic words: Tricia Helfer Ass.

I wrote about this in a post about spam and site statistics two years ago. I thought the traffic for that post would eventually fade. Oh hell no. There’s still clueless gits mining the Internet and forgetting to just do a Google Image Search. Believe me, the woman was a model before becoming an actress and she even did a Playboy shoot. Finding a photo of her bare rear is something any ten-year-old boy on a smart phone can accomplish in three seconds. And yet they wander here, searching for those magical buns only to come across a stale rant on a TV series that only had a three night run. I am aghast.

So I am posting a photo of Ms. Helfer’s buttocks now without a post headline that waves to the Internet “over here, I’m over here.” I’m not even going to tag it with her name. Let’s just call it objectification as an act of defiance. And hat off and apologies to you Tricia. I hope you’re doing well.

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