A Fond Remembrance of a Black Sheep Show


Ah, Night Court, I remember you well.

I do remember watching it back in the day, at the bottom of that block of Thursday night comedies. We always skipped Cosby because it seemed just way too kid oriented. Family Ties had a little more bite. But it was Cheers and Night Court that made my night. The former because that cast and the writing were just incredible, especially for the time. The hour-long Woody’s wedding episode will always be in my top ten.

Night Court was absurd, often approaching the surreal, almost vaudevillian sometimes, and yet for seasons 2-6 it could almost go toe-to-toe with anything else on TV. That cast had a bizarre chemistry that even now holds up when I come across it in reruns. I remember the sheer weirdness of it, the returning characters (John Astin, Brent Spiner), the obsession with Mel Torme at a time when people had seriously forgotten who the hell Torme was, and then there’s Markie Post’s 80s hair. How can you forget a show like that?

Like all great TV comedies, it over-stayed its welcome and lost its spark. But damn, for those golden seasons it stood with the best and gave me and Carjo a lot of laughs.

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