If Eternity Should Fail


Sassy’s Mom, an old friend of ours, wanted to see Iron Maiden and didn’t want to go alone. Guess who got the call saying “I bought you a ticket”? So there I was, in the Xcel Center in St Paul last Friday, getting my ears blistered like they haven’t been in a very very long time. (I am old and wise, I had ear plugs)

It was a stunning display, highly theatrical and yeah, a little cheesy but hey, it’s Iron Maiden. The thing is, Maiden backs the cheese with a just stunning amount of ferocity. Right now most of the guys in this band are around my age, approaching sixty at full speed. Yet there they were, playing like it was their shot at the big time. The tempos never lagged, Bruce Dickinson nailed the high notes while running all over the place, the rhythm section locked in and the guitars never out of sync. At this stage, most of their peers are playing the casino circuit and on the oldies train. Iron Maiden played five songs off their new DOUBLE album. For two hours and change they shook the house.

So that was my weekend. Now I sit here, work stacked up on my desk, battling some sort of cold/flu/crud that I no doubt picked up at that show. And there’s a smile on my face. Up the Irons!

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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