A Bevy of Brews


Somehow I managed to pick up a 72 hour bug of some sort while in the Twin Cities. This was a major calamity because it meant that I couldn’t drink beer. Brothers and sisters, we’re talking Shakespearean levels of tragedy here. Because while in the Cities I was gifted with beer. A freaking lot of beer.

I’m turning sixty in a couple months and my brother gave me a present in advance – a trip to Liquor Boy. This was a godsend considering I was done to the last dregs in my beer fridge and am as poor as an alcoholic church mouse. In addition, our friend Pharm Doc sent a case or more of a “sample” from his beer cellar. It was quite a collection and I’m astonished again at the range of it.

Pharm Doc’s brews are in the photos above and are as follows (some of which I have more than one – that’s not noted here):

Modist – Dreamyard American IPA
Prairie Artisan Ales – Birthday Bomb
Founders – Doom Imperial IPA
Founders – KBS Stout
Founders – Curmudgeon Old Ale
Founders – Sumatra Mountain Brown
Dogfish Head – 90 Minute IPA
Deschutes – The Abyss 2014 Reserve
Central Waters – Barelywine Ale
Fulton – Hopster Session IPA
Fulton – Extra Extra Extra APA
Ska Brewing – Modus Hoperandi IPA
Lupulin – Blissful Ignorance Double IPA
Dogfish Head – Flesh & Blood IPA
Ska Brewing – Decandent Imperial IPA

Needless to say that will take me a while to both process and consume. From my brother I got our old standby’s and hey, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Fulton – Sweet Child of Vine IPA (having one of those right now)
Bent Paddle – Golden IPA
Summit – Double IPA
Bell’s Two Hearted IPA
Surly Furious IPA
Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA


So I’m stocked up for well, quite a while. Beer has been in and out of the budget for quite a while and while I’m adult enough to go without if I can’t afford it, it’s a pain in the ass. And now I won’t have to.


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