Come Mud or High Winds

on the farm again

I went to the farm yesterday to help with this ^^^. Some would say that the John Deere doesn’t look “that stuck” but it surely was. It was passing over a long patch of ground that we suspect has a spring underneath and has ensnared more than one tractor. Plus the Deere is off balance because of the heavy front end loader on its front wheels and a full rock-picker behind it. So we had to unhitch the rock-picker and then pull out the tractor. Then rinse and repeat for the rock-picker.

It was all a pain because we’ve been getting nailed by high winds for over a month now. Try standing up on the prairie in 40 mph gusts. Me and my cousin did yesterday and it’s not pleasant. Add to that I’ve still recovering from that flu/cold/crud bug. For once I was glad to get home and be inside.

Our cats hate these high winds. It was a steady rotation on the bed in the Man Cave as cats came in from outside and sought a spot for an afternoon nap. After working outside for even a small amount of time I had to agree that the cats had the right plan. The wind never really let up last night, pelting us with scattered showers. Now it’s still blowing but the felines all trotted out. I suspect they’ll be coming back to assume the nap position.


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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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