Have a Sweet Fourth of July

Here’s a little nonsense n’ noise gem from Sweet as they moved from kiddie glam rock into hard rock. I had this album on vinyl back in the day and it wasn’t half bad. Sweet’s move into hard rock was just one of the stylistic shifts they took in the 70s trying in vain to hang on. Today they’re remembered only for “Ballroom Blitz” which is a shame because they did have a lot of solid songs.

For the past several days our dogs spend every night in abject terror. They pant and pace and are just miserable while in inbred mouth-breathers in the neighborhood try to blow off their remaining digits. We’re now in “severe drought” status and the fire rating is through the roof. So there’s the chance of someone burning their own house or half the town. Good times.

Anyway, have a happy (and safe) Fourth of July. And have pity on small dogs.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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3 Responses to Have a Sweet Fourth of July

  1. Brad Combs says:

    Pity on large dogs, too

  2. “Give Us A Wink.” Holy cats, what a great album that I always forget about until someone mentions it. And, the eye in the cover was a cut-out that winked. Which was also great.

    Fireworks are traumatizing for dogs, cats, and a squootload of wildlife (and by squootload I mean all wildlife) that can become disoriented and panicked. I also set my grandpa’s cabin roof on fire with a bottle rocket when I was tiny and “Give Us A Wink” was new. Fireworks stink.

    Wishing rain for you.

  3. jeroljohnson says:

    There was a threat from the county that the fire danger was getting close to banning fireworks but it didn’t come to pass. I wish it had. Some rednecks in town had to keep it going until after 1:00 am which is downright uncivilized.

    Ay yi yi, my kingdom for some rain. The drought is really get bad here and there ain’t any precip in the forecast. My lawn looks like dry toast, our honey-berry bushes are failing, and the crops look even worse. I saw the mother of a high school classmate in the post office the other day and she said we haven’t seen a drought this bad in over thirty years. Gee, it’s almost as if the climate were changing…

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