I Have Too Much To Write


There’s just too darn much going on right now. So let’s resort to a bullet point post, as much as I dread it.

Writing: I’m still working around the edges, trying to anchor some parts of the backstory before I can get back to expanding the book into the doorstop version I want it to be. There’s been lots of staring into space, trying to figure out the powers and limitations of the gods, the depths of various conspiracies, and whose stories will grow in the expansion. It’s fun, maddening, and a bit overwhelming. I am anxious to get writing and I’m slowly getting to that point of just saying to hell with it and start pounding away.

Work: I am dragging my feet on a marketing project. Part of it is computer issues, part of it is physical concerns, and part is just goddamn procrastination/distraction/ADHD bullshit. Sigh.

Guitar: Ugh. I need something with a smaller neck. Ten minutes of playing and my left hand is throbbing.

My Hands: The carpal tunnel ogre has reared its head this summer and I’m trying to work around it. It affects my work, affects my attempts at writing, and even affects how I hold the guitar. So the plan is this. I need a vertical grip mouse. I’ll probably get one in a few weeks. And then maybe, just maybe, I can do some of the things I want to without pain and torture.

Tires & Tech: Oh don’t get me started. They’re all giving me trouble. We could use a small lottery win just to sweep out the old and bring in new replacements. Which is as likely as Trump growing up to act like a real man.

Baseball: Now this is where the post gets positive. The Twins aren’t playing their best baseball but damn, they’re pulling away from everyone in the wild card except for the Angels. They’ll never catch NYY but that’s not important. They just need to outlast the Angels. And I think/hope/pray they can pull it off.

The Bus: Little kids constantly test you. I think I’m beating most of them. “The old bus driver used to take us all to Cenex (our enormous convenience store)”. Not buying that one. On hot days I would bring extra water bottles. But a couple little rats just take the bottles to either splash around or not drink at all. So they’re cut off. Two little sisters want to sit together but they fight like cats and dogs. They no longer sit anywhere near each other. And the bus is a real pig on wet gravel roads, slipping and sliding on its rear wheels if there’s more mud than gravel. This will be a real treat in snow and ice. But it’s only a couple hours a day and that’s not a big sacrifice. I’m sixty. I can suck it up.


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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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