Taking a Knee to Take a Stand

taking a knee

I had thought of getting back into watching the NFL this season. The Vikings are showing some promise and I was getting cajoled to participate in the NFL pool I was active in for over a decade. But it soured. The Vikings are crippled with injuries (though they did beat the Packers, who are nothing without Rodgers), the league still has far too many serial domestic abusers, concussions remain a problem, and Goodell remains a toothless invertebrate. And then there’s our odious President, a shitstain who seeks to deflect his own failings by lashing out at any available target, like athletes who take a stand on injustices.

Let’s be clear that this is not about disrespecting the flag or the National Anthem. And it sure as hell isn’t about the US armed forces, which Drumpf has managed to drag into this fiasco. Keep in mind, the only reason players came onto the field in the last decade was because the US Army paid the NFL for a “patriotic display”. Before that they were always in the locker room, getting their focus. The protest that Kaepernick started was because in this country we have a HUGE unaddressed problem with black men and women getting killed without provocation by white police officers. Trying to insert the flag or the anthem or the US Army into the argument is just ignoring the point.

Now the NFL owners have had a meeting to decide what to do about this. A segment of the fans have been whipped into a frenzy by the Mandarin Mussolini. The players union is adamantly against the owners blocking any demonstration or dissent. And Goodell is his usual feckless self. The owners decided to do nothing, kicking the issue down the road.

At this point watching football could almost be considered an act of liberal defiance of SCROTUS and his knuckle-dragging slack-jawed minions. But given all the issues swirled around the game like objects in a flushing toilet, I still can’t stomach watching the game. Now sportswriters and conservatives are ranting that the owners have not colluded to ban Kaepernick from the game. OK, then tell me why the goddamn Dolphins picked Jay Cutler as their QB when they could have gotten a QB that played in the Super Bowl a few years ago? That’s pretty damning right there.

The kicker to this Kaepernick collusion is that the one team that could break this is now in an ideal situation to do this. The Green Bay Packers have lost Aaron Rodgers for the season. Without a quality QB they will get their asses handed to them every single Sunday and will lose the division. The Pack does not have a single owner; there’s no aging white billionaire paying the bills. The group making the decisions could give two shits about what the rest of the aging white billionaires say. They just MIGHT give Kaepernick a call just to see if he’s in shape to call signals.

This could get interesting. And it might make me want to want football again.

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