Experience the Change of Seasons


This is the view out the sliding door to the back lawn. By tomorrow morning we’ll be under five inches of the stuff. Winter is pretty much here.

How does this affect the bus driving? I thought you’d never ask. Not much so far. I was out in this stuff this morning and it wasn’t sticking to the pavement or drifting on the gravel. So we’re good. Some kids were whining and some were ecstatic. Kids are kids.

The cats are a different story. The younger ones, like Sheldon and Luna, go out for brief periods of time, freak out, and come back in. Older cats have just decided that it’s not worth the effort and they’ll go out when it’s April. Cats are cats. And the dogs sleep and dream of trips to the farm.

Pippin shaved

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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