I Thought I Won One


Last weekend I took apart my turntable and with a jewelry screwdriver made adjustments to the speed. After about an hour and a half adjusting, re-assembling, checking the speed, and then taking it apart again, John Bonham on record hit the same beats as John Bonham on LP. All was good and a celebration ale was consumed.

Last night I put on my wife’s Schuyler, Knobloch, and Bickhardt album to play one of her favorites: This Old House. We’ve moved a lot in our tumultuous life and this song goes deep for her. And goddamn it was running a little fast!

So this weekend I’ll take it apart again. If if can’t maintain a consistent speed the damn thing is going back to the electronics cemetery downstairs. And my wife will have to just stream the song on YouTube (album is long out of print)

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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