Rot in Hell Charlie

Charles Manson has died at the age of 83. Now he answers to a new boss.


Manson was diagnosed with a couple of mental illnesses included schizophrenia and yeah, he was subjected to a horrible upbringing. But some rise above it, others do not. Most mentally ill people are a danger to themselves. Manson was a manipulative little shit with delusions of grandeur, a racist, a misogynist, and the motherfucker never showed a single bit of remorse or self-awareness his entire incarceration. May he now be subjected to all of Hell’s particular delights.

The late 60s in CA was a crazy time. Great for music but the social upheaval was substantial. And some could feel the coming of the monster in the air. I saw this quoted today and it’s worth posting:

“This mystical flirtation with the idea of ‘sin’—this sense that it was possible to go ‘too far,’ and that many people were doing it—was very much with us in Los Angeles in 1968 and 1969…The jitters were setting in. I recall a time when the dogs barked every night and the moon was always full. On August 9, 1969, I was sitting in the shallow end of my sister-in-law’s swimming pool in Beverly Hills when she received a telephone call from a friend who had just heard about the murders at Sharon Tate Polanski’s house on Cielo Drive. The phone rang many times during the next hour. These early reports were garbled and contradictory. One caller would say hoods, the next would say chains. There were twenty dead, no, twelve, ten, eighteen. Black masses were imagined, and bad trips blamed. I remembered all of the day’s misinformation very clearly, and I also remember this, and wish I did not: I remember that no one was surprised.”—Joan Didion


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