Caturday – Recap on a Bitter Cold Week


It’s been damn cold here on the northern plains. We had a few days of above normal temps and then it reversed on Wednesday sending us back down into subzero land. In the photo above you see Joffrey (top) and Sansa (bottom) ignoring the thirty below wind chill to take a nap. There’s been a couple instances of Sansa and Sheldon racing out when the dogs are let out but they invariably freak out and run back inside. This pattern will continue.

It’s been a long week of bus driving and I am enjoying the long three-day weekend. What a difference getting up at eight AM makes. I’m alert, happy, and fairly productive. It’s shocking what a difference enough rest makes when you’ve spent all week getting up at five-thirty and then staggering through the day.

Today I came upon a couple interesting notions for the book I hadn’t thought of, did a thorough cleaning of the kitchen, got some laundry done, and on and on. I can read with comprehension, I can think without straining, and my ability to multitask small things is no longer befuddled. Hmm, I’m starting to look forward to the long summer break.

But I’m not forgetting why we have a long weekend and my readers shouldn’t either, especially not with our racist president becoming more and more obvious about what’s in his dark little heart. So here’s MLK, testifying. And man, after over a year of listening to the Mandarin Mussolini it’s such a relief to hear someone speak with such clarity and sophistication.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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