Caturday – Play Me That Song Daddy

Joffrey on my legs

It’s a poor image but then again I am a poor man with a poor man’s phone. Joffrey is with me in the living room as I try to work through some novel knots on my laptop. He also “gifted me” with a fart so strong that even the dogs were impressed. He hadn’t produced an eldritch horror like this since his days as a kitten.

On Friday I ended my run as a sub on the bus route I picked up almost three weeks ago. Monday morning I’ll go back to driving a small bunch of kids that live near the Missouri River. The kids I have been dealing with for the last few weeks have fine for the most part but there’s a couple I’m happy to have in my rear view mirror. I’ve got no complaints with the river kids. They’re older and smaller bunch, and most of them sleep through that morning run. I have no afternoon route to go to. My old one got split up between two drivers and it will be a few weeks before I’ll be doing afternoons again.

So I will have my income cut in half but plenty of spare time. I’ll dive back into an old marketing research project I haven’t had time to work on, keep hacking away on the Great Fantasy Rewrite, get plenty of jobs done around the house, and…play guitar again. My left hand feels much better and while my right has some carpal issues it can hold a pick (no finger-picking though). So I will start the tedious but necessary task of building up my calluses and getting the muscle memory back for my paltry inventory of chords. And then maybe teach myself something new. Joffrey has a long list of requests.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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