Tires and Tech…Yet Again

Tricia Helfer with feathers

For those familiar with this blog, above is actress Tricia Helfer. I’m not offering this as titillation but to acknowledge that I am still getting hits on a review of a crappy SyFy mini-series because it has the words “Tricia Helfer Ass” in the title. Not a picture of said buttocks mind you. I can’t believe how many hits this thing has gotten over the past few years, mostly from foreign countries. Apparently Americans and Canadians know how to find actual photos of Tricia’s bare bum.

My wife’s computer died a strange death a few weeks ago and a family member was good enough to arrange for her getting a new one. But of course there’s a file or two that wasn’t backed up on the old one and despite me using every trick in my book, I couldn’t get the thing to open Windows and let me in for thirty seconds to copy the file. I finally yanked the hard drive out and tried to run it off my laptop but it couldn’t power up. There’s a chance that the wiring rig I used sucked so I sent it off to my brother. He’s handing it over to his IT guy and hopefully they can get it to spin up long enough to retrieve my beloved’s files. Hopefully.

Until we got the replacement PC I used my aging laptop while my wife used my desktop and that wasn’t a treat. The keyboard gets a little cramped for me and like every other old computer, it doesn’t handle Windows 10 well. Now I’m back on my old PC and while it sucks, I can at least use my ergonomic keyboard and mouse. That’s good because my hands are shot.

My hands were doing fine after the long Christmas break but a couple months of gripping hard plastic steering wheels in school buses and dealing with the laptop have awakened the carpal tunnel in my hands. I’ve got some smelly Salon Pas pads on the backs of them now but all that does is give me a little respite. So my guitar is back to gathering dust because I can’t play her without pain. Maybe this summer I’ll be able to pick it back up. Maybe.

And once summer comes I will set the damn Family Truckster sit for a while. The old beast has tiny cracks/holes in the wheel rims and in cold weather these lose air on a regular basis. The tires are fine but the wheels are getting shot. And wheels are not cheap. So yeah, we’re gonna let the Truckster sit once we’re done with snow and ice.

This post is drifting into downer territory but today I did have a triumph. I made a batch of my wife’s championship chocolate chip cookies today all by myself and damn, they turned out fine. I had two with my lunch. And after that I’ll go back to one cookie for dessert.

I’ve been a fat bastard since the broken ankle episode a few years ago and this fall I finally got to a point where I could cut down on what I ate and stick to it. Add to that the weight I lost during last month’s flu episode and I’m down well over twenty-five pounds. So taking two cookies now just makes me overly full and uncomfortable. In other words, it’s working. So while tech and tires work to defeat me I’m still winning a couple battles. Go me.

Have a great weekend.


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