Cross Your Fingers – Spring Might Be Here


And now with more color!

That’s the view out to the deck. Note Arya hiding under one of the chairs. Also please note the last traces of snow along the hedge way to the back of the yard. But wind chill and the words “wintry mix” are no longer in any long range weather reports so I think we’re in the clear. I think by Saturday we’ll actually see temperatures in the 70s which is a far cry from minus twenty-five.

The spring/summer birds are out in force. A host of robins descended upon the berries from our mountain ash. The cats ran them off a few times but I’m glad the tree got stripped. We have to make room for the new buds. The apple trees survived the winter but the verdict is still out on the honey berries. And I think we need a new tree in the backyard. Something to block out the view of that elephant our neighbors have (see photo above).

Now if it would just rain.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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