School’s Out


Last Friday was the last day of school. Now the recovery begins. I was doing field trips in between my morning and afternoon routes the last couple weeks and the whole thing was grinding me down. My poor hands, which already suffer from carpal tunnel, were pushed beyond the limit. The legs and ass didn’t exactly fare much better. Let’s just say old buses don’t exactly have the driver’s comfort in mind. I got stomach flu the weekend before last. I don’t drink at all on nights before I drive so basically I went two weeks without a beer. That’s not good for Jerol. But it’s done and now I face a summer of freedom (and poverty).

I started walking in the mornings. At first I tried my old iPod but because the power button is shot I had little control over it once I got it playing. I couldn’t skip songs or switch to a different playlist. I had been using my old iPhone 4S for an alarm clock (the chimes aren’t nearly as obnoxious as our real alarm). I gutted it of all memory-hogging programs and proceeded to load it with over a thousand songs, setting up fifteen playlists of rocking walking tunes. I love it when an improvisation works.

I’ve got a lot of projects to keep me busy. There might be some marketing research coming my way, which will help keep the lights on. I’ll be planting veggies and flowers in the next week, plus fertilizing the lawn and spraying weed-killer on the dandelions. Of course there is writing to do and that’s actually humming along. Soon enough my hands will have recovered enough to grip a guitar neck and pick without significant pain. And finally about a baker’s dozen of small home improvement projects. This isn’t a summer off, this is hitting the ground running. And I can and will have a beer every night.

And of course, here’s our obvious musical selection:


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