Conversion to Green Now Complete


Summer is quite here and I’ve been working hard to keep up with it. In the past week and a half I’ve mowed a couple times, fertilized the lawn, planted four-o’clocks and marigolds, applied weedkiller to the dandelions, seeded the bare spots, trimmed that gawdawful overgrowth on the deck (seen in this picture above), and dug up a small garden plot so I could plant our giant sunflowers, carrots, and green beans. Between that and running my wife to Bismarck for eye surgery I’ve been a busy boy.

Today we have a small pattern of thunderstorms moving through and I’m hoping for a few hundreths of rain to fall with them. The drought is not willing to admit defeat yet though we finally got some decent rain last week. We need plenty more in June if we are to survive July and August.

I tried playing guitar last week and it hurt like a bitch just holding a pick. So I gave it a rest and I hope to pick it back up again this weekend. Sooner or later the aggravation caused by all the bus driving will fade. It’s just a question of when. Then I can get back to work to building up my calluses and go from there.

Writing is going well, when I have the time for it. On and off rain should pretty much guarantee that into next week. I’ve got no pressing outside projects so it’s time to keep my head down and ass in the desk chair, churning out words.

Carjo’s eye surgery went well. It’s a laser treatment for her glaucoma. The drops aren’t relieving the pressure and hopefully this will do the trick. We hope. She goes back for a checkup at the end of June and we’ll find out how well it’s working.

The cats are enjoying the weather. The young ones leave at the crack of dawn and come in periodically to check on the food bowls. Sansa and Arya are just a little older and they always nap inside. Our ancient Daniel spends the majority of his time inside, going out for a couple hours after supper to patrol his realm and remember the days when the grackles and mice feared his presence. He’s slumbering behind me now, burrowed into a wool blanket. Sleep well your highness.

So that’s it from here. The Twins suck for various reasons. The Expanse is still great and moving to Amazon next season. I have several episodes of the Americans to watch and I fear for the ending. I’m still walking four-five times a week and drowning my hunger with Diet Coke/Coke Zero Sugar. And if I have a good day I get a beer.

Have a great weekend.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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