Tires and Tendons

Miles be a badass

(I’ve been playing a fair amount of Coltrane and Miles lately so let’s start with this photo)

I’ve been bitching about carpal tunnel and the trouble with my hands for many posts now. I had a doctor appointment yesterday and got these plantar nasty warts scraped off my left foot. I mentioned the problem with my hands and so the PA put me through a series of stretches and bends with my hands and flanges. Diagnoses: tendonitis

Well, that was a shock. But in a way it was a relief because that is far more treatable. Plenty of ice, compression gloves while driving bus or sleeping at night, a little ibuprofen, and stretching before playing guitar. So while I won’t be playing like Jimmy Page in a matter of days I will be playing with less pain very soon. And that makes me so relieved.

Today I had the oil changed and A/C recharged on the Mercury Land Yacht. The repair shop is at the other end of this small town. I dropped it off this morning and walked home. It was about a mile and one of the wart spots hurt a mite by the time I was down. My ankle was a little strained as well. At noon the shop called, the Land Yacht was once again sea-worthy. So I walked back down because I am of stubborn Scandinavian stock. The ankle actually did better and some of the pain from the wart surgery had lessened. Plus I got to burn some calories in the 90% humidity (a rarity in these parts).

I felt sweaty but there was a part of me that felt recharged. This was unthinkable for me last year. I didn’t have the endurance or the balance. I still am a little shaky when it comes to running but at least there’s a little more stamina in this old body. Now I just have to keep at it. The same with my guitar playing. The same with my writing. The same with my life.

Have a good weekend.

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2 Responses to Tires and Tendons

  1. Did you see the story that the lost John Coltrane recording from 1963 has been discovered and is being released later this month? So, that would put it two years before “A Love Supreme.” His first wife found the recording in her things. I clean closets and boxes and crap in my house all the time and I never find anything but towels and old tee-shirts and folders of papers that have all been mouse-chewed. Thanks, cats. Thanks for nothing.

  2. jeroljohnson says:

    Yep, that story of the lost Coltrane started me on a jazz kick. My wife complains that it is wanker music but she’s a pop/folk princess.
    My mom didn’t leave much of value in this house but there were a handful of records in her vinyl collection that were decent. Some classical, a couple good Sinatra. Which is yet another reason why I need to replace my turntable.

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