OK, I’m Gonna Need Those Guns Back

Last night I watched the last two episodes of The Expanse on SyFy and my geek heart is full of joy and wonder.

It wasn’t perfect but it came damn close. Due to the constraints of SyFy and network TV, they had to cram all of a rather large book into seven eps and make it work. The writers (with Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck) did their best to pull it off. Going to Amazon means that there will be less of that nonsense (not to mention any restrictions on language and nudity are gone).

First of all, the acting. Just outstanding. I loved David Strathairn as Ashford. I follow the authors on Twitter and someone tweeted, “I’m starting to think that Ashford has a thing for Drummer” and Ty tweeted, “Ya think?!” Cara (Drummer) Gee and David were so solid in their roles, so effective at delivering nuance in what was a really compressed second half of the season. The episode from last week, where the pair was trapped in the cargo bay was killer. And here’s a clip from one earlier. Drummer makes a speech to her frightened crew and Ashford brings in that Belter stomp that just gets the whole ship ready to go through the Ring. Sharpness!

Amos/Anna – who would have thought those two would have a meeting of the minds. Elizabeth Mitchell has just been superior throughout this season (loved it when she slapped Melba) but her chemistry with Wes Chatham in those few scenes was incredible. Just two people who, with just a little conversation, completely understood each other.

The final scene was breath-taking. I won’t give much away but it was everything I love about science fiction, the hope and the promise of a wider horizon. Of course, we also have an underlying threat implied with that and it was chilling. I’m ready for season four.

I have to give another shout out to just science, fucking science. This is not dueling space wizards, this is actually science fiction with credible science and tech. For a long time I lamented the lack of actual science fiction and goddamn, the Expanse has given me what I longed for.

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