Well, It’s Not Like We Didn’t Know This Would Happen


The first snow was a few days ago and then yesterday we got another light snowfall with some nasty wind. We were in Minot yesterday and while the drive home wasn’t treacherous there were a few dicey spots, either due to visibility or compacted snow on the road. We made sure to do all of our errands in a rush and we got back well before dark.

We’re stocked with everything we need for Thanksgiving (except cranberries, screw cranberries). The cats are all resigned to the end of outdoor frolic and murder, scattered to their numerous nests. The dogs just sleep and eat. And in the chihuahua’s case: eat, sleep, and fart. It’s a good life.

My bus driving is going fairly well though I’m not feeling the joy this year. I’m on a different route with more kids and more difficult kids. The five-thirty AM wake-up is destructive to me on a molecular level. My concentration for anything else is shit. There’s physical issues as well: the steering wheel aggravates the tendinitis that I had beat back this summer and the backs of my thighs are always in pain from sitting in a crappy seat for four hours a day. So this may well be my last season of this. And then I’ll have to worry about finding some other way to pay the bills. But I’ll worry about that then.

If you are in northern climes, stay warm. If you are not, I remind you that our summers are quite a bit more pleasant that yours. Regardless, have a good weekend.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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