Don’t Worry Windows, You Suck Too


We’re taking a break from my tirades on Apple today. Though actually, it’s not the fault of the two men above. It’s just whoever has their hand on the wheel right now dealing with Windows updates and WMP.

I got a new PC a while ago. It’s worked quite well though I have yet to try gaming on it (maybe during Thanksgiving break while Carjo is turkey-comatose). It has enough RAM and a SSD so that Windows 10 doesn’t slow it down at all. But the updates wreak all kinds of havoc, messing up settings and creating new folders. Then I have to go back and reset it all. I hate that. I am very particular about such things, even if the folks in Redmond WA are not.

One thing that really bugs me is what has happened to Windows Media Player. It’s never been the perfect media player but I’m used to the interface, it used to do a spectacular job of assigning album artwork and recognizing even ROIOs, and when I did an A/B against the vaunted JRiver Jukebox it came in as a tie. But someone in the state of WA has spent too much time burning legal weed and screwed it up.

The program is now terrible at looking up album/artist information. It used to be quite intuitive but now clicking on “find album info” will only result in a broken link. “Update album info” is your only hope. Whoever set up the contract for artist/genre information was stoned as well because the genre categories are laughable. When you take an album the Stones recorded in the 70s and categorize it as “indie/alternative” one has to think you consumed more consumables than the Stones’ road crew. And then a new Windows 10 update will sweep in and WMP will go back to default settings, screwing up the titles on hundreds of albums and thousands of songs. That last one really pisses me off.

I went into settings and made sure that future Windows updates do not alter/update/fuck with anything other than Windows itself. So no interfering with any other Microsuck products like Office or Windows Media Player. I might occasionally update the former but I’m never updating the later again.

And now here’s an obligatory photo of Tricia Helfer

Tricia Helfer smile

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