A New Addition and a New Mojo

lavemder on the boots

As you can see above, my wife has a new puppy. Her name is Lavender Brown (nerd alert!) and she weighed in at the vet at a massive 1.6 pounds. Oh, she is a puppy. When awake she’s a nonstop dervish, dragging around toys/sandals/boots/pee pads and trying with great desperation and drama to get the cats or Pippin to play with her. None of our other animals have taken the offer. It’s a testament to their nature that none of the cats have swatted her into the next time zone. And when she sleeps she collapses on her “mama”, no force on earth can move her.

front lawn after surgery This week I lifted the ban on my physical activity and got to it. I was not to lift anything over 15 pounds for six weeks to two months but I figured I’m ready. I mowed the lawn a couple days ago, taking time between segments to let my abdomen recover. Pushing the vacuum cleaner had been a no-no as well. Actually it hurt like hell the one time I tried it. Well I did the living room and hallway yesterday with no discomfort. Go me.

Anyway, gotta go. Lavender is chasing Pip around and he just hid under the man cave bed. Oh, it’s going to be a long puppyhood.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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