Heckuva Job, Dougie

If you pay attention to the COVID news, the state of North Dakota is brought up quite frequently. The disease is not just spiking, it’s a fetid pot of soup that has boiled over onto the stove and floor. My small town has been hit hard with seniors dying and others escaping with close calls and tales of hospitalization.

My 95-year-old aunt lives in a senior/assisted living complex in Minot ND and her best friend (who had just turned 100) is across the hall from her. The friend has been frail for quite some time but still alert. Both of these women were college professors and value their intelligence. Two weeks ago the friend tested positive and was rushed to the hospital. She didn’t last two days. My aunt tested positive as did over half the population of the home. That made the local news because it’s a pretty large complex.

I got off the phone with my aunt yesterday. She sounds a little congested but it appears that the virus is either a mild case or my aunt is made of stern stuff (her mother lived until 104). I was making arrangements so the home can supply her with a tablet to stream her best friend’s memorial service. The funeral is closed to all but immediate family. This is the world we live in.

Why is North Dakota and the other states so bad off. Well, human nature is part of it. People continue to gather, refuse to take precautions, and listen to a morbidly obese orangutan who equates mask wearing with weakness. He’s all obsessed with his fragile image and even frailer masculinity. And then there is folks like our governor.

By all accounts, Doug Burgum is a moderate in conservative clothing. Nonetheless his response to COVID this season has been one of shameful cowardice. No mask mandates, no closures, and the schools had to decide for themselves whether to open. It appears that Burgum is afraid to arouse the ire of the base in this red state. I can see no other reason for his reluctance to act. We lost three state health directors in the space of four months so you know there’s a disagreement between the health department and the governor’s office. So yeah, heckuva job, Dougie.

We are maintaining our own measures. We go out only for supplies or the mail. Carjo has an eye appointment in a month, we need one more Costco run before winter really kicks in, and we are making a mad dash to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The tourist trap of Medora, that borders the southern entrance of the park will be mostly shut down so other than getting food for takeout, we’re not going to get human contact. The park will be open though and this time of year the animals are gorging for the winter and much less shy than in the busy summer. So one last trek into the wild and we will lock down.

Our ballots are already submitted. Rest assured I did not vote for either Dougie or his mad overlord, the empty orange meat suit. I hope for all our sakes the country will reject this petty tyrant. Or this disease will continue to ravage and destroy.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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1 Response to Heckuva Job, Dougie

  1. cultureguru says:

    Did not realize were in North Dakota. Goodness! Glad your Aunt pulled through.

    Congratulations on your new President.

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