Happy Holidays and a Game Changer

First, a little business. Somehow Word Press has really screwed up attaching images to blogs like mine. It used to be easy to add media to these posts and I like to start off each post with a photo. But the controls have been reconfigured and hidden. Perhaps WP is trying to same some costs as hosting images is takes up more bits than just text. Or, like most tech companies, they just fiddled with something until it was all screwed up. Either way, the odds of ever seeing photos of the cats or Tricia Helfer’s bare bottom are going to be less until I figure this out.

Second, happy holidays to all how read this blog. It’s been a shithole of a year for everyone, but at least Carjo and I are emerging COVID free (knock on wood). It will likely be a while before we get vaccinated because of where we live and the fact that we are no where near essential to anything or anyone. So we wait. But hey, the Mandarin Mussolini has been voted out and there’s a chance that life will return to something approximating normal. Life will never be the same for many all across the world. Jobs have been lost, housing and food insecurity will continue to plaque us, and many will have to grieve friends and family that have fallen. But we stagger on. Humanity has a way of doing that. I look forward to seeing friends and family on the other side of the pandemic. It has been a long, long time.

The game changer referred to in the title is a little device my wife got me for Christmas. It’s a Rushead Max headphone amplifier. Basically, it makes an electric guitar portable. I plug this in where I would normally jack in the cord that leads to the amp or pedals and connect a pair of headphones. What comes out sounds like a full-throated amplifier and I’m the only one in the room that can hear it. This comes with a multitude of effects so I’m going to have a lot of fun experimenting with sounds. And Lord knows, I have plenty of time in quarantine to do that.

So happy holidays and blessed new year to all. Here’s to 2021!

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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