Once Again I Walk Amongst You

So, a couple days ago I caused this. Briefly, this is a small window in the basement with glass that is 60+ years old. I leave this window open April through October for ventilation downstairs. It’s always an adventure getting it open and getting it closed. This time it shattered, causing small cuts in my left hand. But the worst part is I now have to figure out how to get the window frame out and take it to a local glass/screen repair shop to get fixed. And in the meantime I need to seal it all up because it’s 42 degrees and the wind is howling. Not exactly summer weather.

I have been veering away from the blog habit. Readership has plummeted as social media use skyrocketed. But social media isn’t really great a delivering long meditations and spinning lengthy tales. And I’ve invested YEARS in this blog. Hell, a couple decades. So I’m going to try to post regularly again and hopefully with some substance, some hard won insight. Or I’ll just type “fuck” a lot, whine about my guitar playing, and talk about Tricia Helfer’s rear end.

Speaking of which, posts about that particular bottom still get traffic. I guess at this point Google Image Search thinks this is one of the prime motherlodes of Helfer’s heinie. In truth, I’ve written at length about it once and how it was the sole highlight of a bad SyFy mini-series. Yet Tricia still generates traffic. That’s a butt that won’t quit.

Anyway, like Tricia, I’m back. Talk at ya later.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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