Beer Fridge – ready for the Holidays

Early last week I was down to my last four cans of beer. As you can see, I have corrected that situation. This is the haul from our trip to Bismarck. But I have to say, it was still a disappointing haul. Oh, I got a case of the Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, which is always a cause for celebration. But the amount of brands available in western North Dakota is getting really disappointing.

Take a closer look. Other than Bismarck’s own Laughing Sun down in the lower left, these are all big national brands. Oh, it’s quality beer but damn, the selection is only that and that’s from the biggest liquor store in the western half of the state. Even the selection of North Dakota beers frankly sucked. I’ll certainly get by. I always do. But it vexes me because a few years ago it was much better.

There’s a few factors to blame here. There’s a can and bottle shortage because like everything in this pandemic, everything is in short supply. Plus the distributors in this half of the state have gotten lazy. They’d rather sell cases of Bud Light with a wider profit margin than fussing with microbrews. And in the microbrew world, the biggies are squeezing out their smaller kin in the battle for the shrinking space on the shelves.

This spring we will be travelling to the Twin Cities for a wedding celebration. A cousin of mine was going to get married in May of 2020. You can imagine how that plan went. She and her fiancĂ© decided to postpone. This past summer every venue in the Twin Cities was overrun by desperate bridezillas and they got tired of the fight. So the gals did a quick Justice of Peace ceremony this fall in Chicago (the fiancĂ©’s hometown) and the big blowout is going to be this spring. Cousin Jerol and his wife Carjo will be there. And Cousin Jerol will take that opportunity to buy enough beer to last him six months. You can count on it.

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