A Whiter Shade of Christmas

This was taken a couple weeks ago when we got our first real snow. It took me about half an hour to clear the driveway and sidewalks. I was happy because it guaranteed there would be snow on the ground for the holidays. Call me sentimental but I grew up with snowy Christmas and it’s what I want when the day comes.

Last week we got hit again. I took out the snow blower again and it took about an hour because it was a little thicker. That was a substantial workout. My legs were stiff yesterday, my back was a little sore, and the tendinitis in my hands was all aflame from gripping the handle/controls of the blower.

The long term forecast for this area is the winter will be colder and experience more snow. At this point we have double the snow we had last winter and there’s more coming this week. If this is a pattern, so be it. If I had to shovel it by hand I’d be bitching a little more. This is substantial exercise, even if the step counter on my phone doesn’t admit it. I pace myself because I’m a fat little man and I don’t want a heart attack. But anything is better than the ice that has plagued my driveway and sidewalks during these last couple of drought years.

I don’t have to be this diligent. We have an all-wheel drive vehicle and these snows aren’t thick . The hillbilly across the street doesn’t get the drifts that I do but he never clears his driveway. Then again, he barely mows his fucking lawn and you know how I feel about that.

We are hunkered down for the holidays and the rest of the winter. This new variant will sweep through this state like a Lakota war party and scalps will be taken. We are somewhat stocked up and we’ll practice our now established safeguards as we go out. We turned down an invitation for Christmas and that bothers us. But it’s better to be safe than test positive. My wife will cook wonderful meals, we’ll watch old black & white Christmas movies, and she’ll plague me the rest of the time with her vast collection of Christmas music. And if it snows, we can bear it.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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