I’m a fantasy author. The purpose of both the Jerol N Johnson site and my blog is to create a web presence that will hopefully catch the eye of a prospective editor, publisher, or agent. I have been working on this project for a while now and have completed the first of a three book series. Now I’m working on query letters for agents and publishers.

The series is set in a milieu not unlike the American West in the 1800s with some nods to steampunk as well. Amelie Graves is a lieutenant in the 5th Cavalry of the Dominion Army. Stationed in an ancient fortress on the western frontier, the young lieutenant feels free from her over-bearing family for the first time in her life. But while she struggles to summon the discipline to be a decent officer her family is engaged in a cloaked struggle, a battle of subterfuge and sabotage that has gone on for over a century. A battle that will erupt in a cataclysm and Amelie will have to use every bit of her wits and strength to survive. If you’re not intrigued you are either not a fantasy fan or more likely I still have not mastered the art of the query.

And now, some information about me.

I am a husband, though I must confess a less-than-perfect one.  Still, I have been married for 34 years, which means my wife is the most tolerant and loyal human being on the face of the earth. She is also the unpaid editor of my book, having a natural eye for spotting imperfection and a freakish photographic spelling memory. I am not a father of any sort, unless you count 5 cats and a quite bewildered dog.

I am a media junkie, and I need help. Our home is overflowing with CDs, DVDs, LPs, books, games, and electronics. I read whenever I can; our library is a bewildering combination of speculative fiction, mysteries and thrillers, history, classic and modern literature. We proudly admit that we have seen the Lord of the Rings movies more times than we can count. My Netflix queue is absurdly long and about as eclectic as my book collection.  I have one seriously kick-ass stereo that I will happily demo for anyone who makes the mistake of crossing the threshold of our front door. Like I said, I need help.

I enjoy a good beer. OK, I better qualify that. I am a total beer snob. Don’t bother me with your tales of some mediocre lager you tried; I tried it years ago and it didn’t impress me then. I like microbrews that are both consistent and push the envelope of what beer should be.  Tell me about an IPA that is only available three months a year and is only on tap if you know where to look. Yeah, I’m that kind of beer snob.

If you have followed me here from one of the boards I post on, welcome my friends. If you’re a friend or family member in the real world, glad to see you – though you probably owe me beer. And if you like what you see here, spread the links around. These books are not going to get published by themselves.

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