Hoarfrost Morning


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I Thought I Won One


Last weekend I took apart my turntable and with a jewelry screwdriver made adjustments to the speed. After about an hour and a half adjusting, re-assembling, checking the speed, and then taking it apart again, John Bonham on record hit the same beats as John Bonham on LP. All was good and a celebration ale was consumed.

Last night I put on my wife’s Schuyler, Knobloch, and Bickhardt album to play one of her favorites: This Old House. We’ve moved a lot in our tumultuous life and this song goes deep for her. And goddamn it was running a little fast!

So this weekend I’ll take it apart again. If if can’t maintain a consistent speed the damn thing is going back to the electronics cemetery downstairs. And my wife will have to just stream the song on YouTube (album is long out of print)

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Through Thick and Thin

Wedding 1979 001

On this date thirty-eight years ago these two crazy kids said “I do.” And now here we are.

We love, we fight, we agree, we argue, we laugh, we weep. And we’ve always done it together and I hope we always will. There is nothing better than coming home to this woman, nothing I look forward to more.

Love ya dear.

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Experience the Change of Seasons


This is the view out the sliding door to the back lawn. By tomorrow morning we’ll be under five inches of the stuff. Winter is pretty much here.

How does this affect the bus driving? I thought you’d never ask. Not much so far. I was out in this stuff this morning and it wasn’t sticking to the pavement or drifting on the gravel. So we’re good. Some kids were whining and some were ecstatic. Kids are kids.

The cats are a different story. The younger ones, like Sheldon and Luna, go out for brief periods of time, freak out, and come back in. Older cats have just decided that it’s not worth the effort and they’ll go out when it’s April. Cats are cats. And the dogs sleep and dream of trips to the farm.

Pippin shaved

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Some Selected All Hallows’ Eve Imagery

Halloween quoth the ravenHalloween with the StoogesThe Stevens family

Stay safe tonight, stay warm, and get as many calories as you can

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For Everyone Who Isn’t Here

I stumbled upon this while digging through YouTube. I remember watching it live on TV and from Roger’s dedication through the end I was pretty much a quivering mess. It’s such a magnificent and emotional performance. I totally become lost in the moment every time I see it (and I’ve watched it many times).

Play it loud, they did.

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The Chill of Late Fall


Yesterday was a fine fall day. 75 degree high with hardly any wind. I took this photo, strung up orange/purple lights on the shrubs in front of the house, strung more solar lights on the deck out back, tended to the apple trees, swept the garage, broke the garage door opener… A lot was accomplished. And I did it because I knew it was the last call.

Today we’re thirty degrees colder with cloudy skies and high winds. The cats who raced out when I got up are all racing back in. A couple of them stood at the door and said, “Fuck this, I’m going to bed. Wake me in April.”

I have to make a Rx run to Tioga today but that’ll be the only time I get out of the house over the next couple days. Monday morning I’m back behind the wheel of the bus, trying to balance the heater between the two available settings: Arctic blast and Saharan heat. I can’t wait to see what it’s like in January.

Have a great weekend.

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