Sick Again

Since I’ve been driving bus for the school it’s been one physical thing after another. I’ve had colds and such. I strained my left arm/shoulder at some point and that’s taken months to start recovering (because I can’t stop using it). The lousy driver’s seat is hell on my legs and ass for some reason. And gripping these plastic steering wheels aggravates the carpal tunnel issues with my hands, which made me give up any hope of playing guitar for a while. Then there’s just the utter wretchedness of having a biorhythm set for late nights and yet having to rise at 5:30 am. It’s a hard life.

Last week I caught a flu bug. As the flu goes it’s not a bad one. Mostly weakness with cough/sore throat, making it difficult to sleep. Like I need even less sleep, right? I am feeling mostly mended now but of course my wife has it now. And I insist that a stubborn bastard is to blame for this.

Early last week one of our bus drivers quit. He got his panties in a twist over the way a member of his family got disciplined by the school and said he was “hurt”. It was impulsive and childish but he wanted to hurt the school. So he took it out on his fellow bus drivers. I ended up taking his goddamn route and that’s where I caught the flu. So yeah, I’m just a little pissy about this.

My new kids are fine for the most part. It’s mostly middle school girls and while they’re loud they don’t act out the way boys do. I have a couple problem boys but I’m not going to discuss those kids on this page. The bus I drive is a gargantuan thing and it’s frustrating to turn it around in farm yards. But it is solely mine so I’m free to do what I want with it. The radio broke just as I took over and that’s a blessed relief. These kids want either top 40 pop or country. You can imagine how well I’d do with that tripe.

I had seven kids out sick on Friday. So I’ll be wiping the handrail with a bleach cleaner. The kids take turns opening the door and they will be wearing gloves if they want to even touch that thing. They’ll sing snatches of the musical they’re working onĀ  -some adaptation of Disney’s Aladdin. They’ll bicker over little alliances and romances. They’ll watch out for each other because these girls know they need to have each other’s backs. And every morning we’ll drive into the dark, waiting for that late ND sunrise.

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That..That Was Some Denny Green Era Vikings Shit…That’s What That Was

Choking Viking

I have not seen such a humiliating defeat by the Purple since the blowout NFC Championship against the Giants. Let’s see, who coached that debacle?

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I’ve suffered as a Vikings fan since I was a child. The first Super Bowl I ever watched was the fiasco against the Kansas City Chiefs. It only went downhill from there. I can close my eyes and see Darren Nelson dropping that pass. Or Denny Green taking a knee before halftime. 12 men on the field. The Drew Pearson push-off. And on and on and on. This was a karmic payback for that. Not to mention karmic payback for that filthy cheater Sean Peyton who should have been banned for life from the game.

I’ve never been a fan of Joe Buck. I liked his dad, Jack, much better even though he tended to be biased towards the National League in baseball. Jack did have one of my fave calls of all time with this one, which is legendary for Twins fans.

With the Diggs TD Joe keeps it simple. He says three words in the whole play and for once, for once he lets the emotion of the moment take hold.

So Joe Buck is off my list and there’s hope in the world. At least in the world of sports.

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Caturday – Recap on a Bitter Cold Week


It’s been damn cold here on the northern plains. We had a few days of above normal temps and then it reversed on Wednesday sending us back down into subzero land. In the photo above you see Joffrey (top) and Sansa (bottom) ignoring the thirty below wind chill to take a nap. There’s been a couple instances of Sansa and Sheldon racing out when the dogs are let out but they invariably freak out and run back inside. This pattern will continue.

It’s been a long week of bus driving and I am enjoying the long three-day weekend. What a difference getting up at eight AM makes. I’m alert, happy, and fairly productive. It’s shocking what a difference enough rest makes when you’ve spent all week getting up at five-thirty and then staggering through the day.

Today I came upon a couple interesting notions for the book I hadn’t thought of, did a thorough cleaning of the kitchen, got some laundry done, and on and on. I can read with comprehension, I can think without straining, and my ability to multitask small things is no longer befuddled. Hmm, I’m starting to look forward to the long summer break.

But I’m not forgetting why we have a long weekend and my readers shouldn’t either, especially not with our racist president becoming more and more obvious about what’s in his dark little heart. So here’s MLK, testifying. And man, after over a year of listening to the Mandarin Mussolini it’s such a relief to hear someone speak with such clarity and sophistication.

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A Little Nippy…Again


This is what our front storm door looked like on the 1st of January. I think wind chills were floating in that -35 to -50 range. We spent the previous evening at my cousin’s and New Year’s Day was spent in recovery from too much of too many good things. And the only ones that went outside were the dogs. They were very brisk about doing their assigned tasks.

We endured a little more than a week in the extreme ice box. Temps are above zero now and the dogs dare to wander down the driveway. But man, it was cold last week. Even my dad would have said “Uff da” at that cold. Of course I’m coming up on the twentieth anniversary of his death. The funeral was held in weather like last week: wind chills diving to minus fifty and at the cemetery the pall bearers were told to not take off their caps or hoods. That’s right, we were wearing parkas and stocking caps. Pretty fitting weather to bury a North Dakota farmer.

My sympathies to those on the East Coast that are about to be broad-sided by all kinds of nasty. They’re not used to this crap like we are. OK, maybe New England has seen this level of mean weather before but still it’s rare. For us here in North Dakota it’s…winter.


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Caturday – High Today of Minus Nine


The temperature is up to -10 right now but Joffrey could care less. He’s had his lunch and has decided to settle in at my desk for his afternoon nap. Sweet dreams, first of your name.

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And Here is Christmas

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