Ready for Spring

fridge spring 2019

Beer fridge is stocked up – play ball!

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Hoarfrost and the Indifferent Cat

Hoarfrost and Leonard.jpg

What, you were expecting Tricia Helfer’s bare bottom again?

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It’s spring somewhere

spring training ball

It’s just not here.

The windchill this AM when I got on the bus was -38. I’ve got a stoic bunch of ND kids on this bus. They can take a lot of cold. But we’ve been below zero for most of February and March is predicted to be more of the same. So the kids are getting a little crabby. When the windchill gets to these levels (actual temp was -15), the bus never really warms up. The rear portion of the bus, where the teens cram themselves to escape grades K-5, is like a meat locker. One of my sixth grade girls brings a polar fleece blanket bigger than herself and cocoons herself for the entire ride.

I wish I was in FL or AZ, watching some baseball and getting some sun. Maybe next year.

The snow blower has been getting plenty of work. Even though it saves a lot of labor shoveling, it still takes a lot of oomph to force the thing through spots where the tires catch or spin. My lower back and my shoulders are stiff and sore. Between the aches from driving bus and those accumulated battling snow, I’m hobbling like an old man. Then again, I am an old man.

So I have reached a half-ass epiphany. It is time to take my life back from this regimen. So I am aggressively icing everything that hurts, taking ibuprofen for the inflammations, and stretching as best I can. Because I’ve been somewhat sleep deprived (no one should have to get up at 5:25 every weekday), nothing much gets done. But I’m pushing back as best I can on that as well, making the most of my time rather than numbly staring at the computer or TV. It may be that by the end of this school year I’ll feel sort of human, rather than the wretched waste I was last year.

I am thinking that this will be the last year of driving bus. I’m sick of dealing with parents, some of my kids, the wear and tear on my body, and the numb state I reach every Friday. In the words of Danny Glover, “I’m getting too old for this shit.” I have no idea of what I’ll do but it won’t be getting up before dawn.

And I will have more time for things that matter. Including baseball.

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Two Weeks Until Heaven Opens


Twins pitchers and catchers report for spring training in two weeks. Pitching is still suspect but man oh man, if our three young stars and the new acquisitions deliver, the division could be ours. Be still my throbbing heart.

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A Quick Thank You

…to The Baseball Bloggess. The ornaments arrived on Christmas Eve and they were beautiful. Thank you so much!

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Just Call Me Mr. Plow

I’ve done a fair amount of whining, complaining, and kvetching about snow removal on this blog. It’s time to level up. I got a snow blower.

We got hit with about six inches of powder a couple days after Christmas. Then we were hit with wretched cold and I just said, “screw it, it’s too cold”. Saturday it warmed up a little so I made my virgin run.

It worked pretty well. There’s a layer of ice under everything so there were a few times when the blower just stalled so I had to goose it a little. But on packed snow or a less than glass surface it just plowed ahead. It’s still a workout albeit a quicker one. I did the driveway, sidewalks, and even a stretch of my neighbor’s sidewalk in the time it would have taken me to do half the driveway. It was still an impressive cardio workout and the tendinitis in my hands really flamed up after dealing with those operating handles. But I’m happy with how quickly I figured out how to run the thing and how much snow it cleared.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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Night of Silence – Silent Night

This is…divine

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