Caturday – You Woke Me Up For This?


Almost 65 degrees and climbing this morning. Sneakers has been out patrolling and now wishes to take a nap. An uninterrupted nap. Too bad old boy. He’s closed his eyes now, all is well. He’ll sleep with the sound of birds coming in from the open windows, with the sun warming his room. It’s a fine day to be an old cat.

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Still Not Like Everybody Else

I’m in a pissy mood today for various reason. Maybe you’ll get my Letterman wrap-up tomorrow…or maybe you won’t. I’ve got work to get on with today, my foot is paining me and my right hip echoes its concerns, I have a long community meeting tonight, and I didn’t get to sleep until after 2:00 am because my dog is a little asshole. Excuse me if I’m almost as defiant as Ray Davies is in the song above, which as much my anthem as anything could ever be.

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OK – This Worked

audio vinyl experience

It appears that a move back to the old WordPress site was possible. So here I am. As you were, unless you can fix my turntable. Then I need to see you as soon as possible.

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Goodbye… and Thanks for All the Fish

This will be the last day for this blog. I’m not renewing WordPress Premium at this point so my guess is it will go dark. If it does, it means I’ll lose a significant amount of writing. I’ve been doing this for eight years now. I think now and then I have come up with something entertaining. But this blog expires tomorrow and that’s that.

I’d like to thank everyone who has dropped in now and then to read. I keep an eye on the traffic and I usually get around 5-10 page visitors a day during the week. I know who some of the regulars are but certainly not all of them. There are also a number of people listed as followers, which in terms of WordPress means they get an email every time I post. How many of those actually read the blog posts I have no idea.

It’s been fun. As I have said before, I often post here to just crack my knuckles and kick out some words before getting to work, kicking out some words. It’s a warmup but it doesn’t mean I don’t take it seriously. I mean all the kind words I have to say about my wife, my adoration of my pets, my gratitude for friends, the ruminations on the ups and downs of my everyday life, and every rant/rage about pop culture and music. I suppose now I’ll spend more time back on my old site ( I’ve been pretty lax on there and it needs some tweaking. As my wife says when she’d rather put something off, “I’ll get right on that”.

There’s a remote chance I might try to revive this at some point. The way I understand it, the domain name will go away tomorrow. Whether I can then open a free account under a different name is something I haven’t properly researched. I’ll get right on that.

So thanks again. Some of you I’ll see in real life, some of you may never hear from me again. Some of you will wonder what the hell that title is in reference to and that means most of my nerdy ruminations have gone straight over your heads. Whatever. Thanks for stopping by.

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Caturday – Got Them Rainy Day Kitteh Blues


We are experiencing the first really good rain of this spring. The cats are less than enthused. Joffrey expressed his cabin fever by wrestling with Arya, trashing the hallway and living room rugs, leaping from the cat post to the love seat and back again, chasing one of my wife’s hair bands around the living room, and doing wind sprints through the house. This photo was taken shortly after he hit the wall and collapsed on the living room floor. Now he’s back on the top of the post, grooming and considering which position he’s going to fall asleep in. It’s a hard knock life to be a cat in this house.

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The Thrill is Gone

BB King southern

BB King died yesterday in Las Vegas. He was 89. RIP to the Chairman of the Board, the King of the Blues.

One of the first blues album I ever bought was BB’s classic “Live at the Regal”. I had cut my teeth on British blues-rock in my teens: the Stones, Zeppelin, Clapton, Cream, etc. When I decided to go a little deeper in my mid-twenties, I consulted a few lists of the top blues albums. This one consistently hit the top spot. And it was a revelation. His guitar playing was incredible: smooth and precise, each note had a stinging authority. BB never over-played, never under-played. Growing up listening to guitar players that believed true virtuosity meant sheets of notes, it was a revelation to hear someone who played exactly what needed to be said and nothing more.

And then there was that voice. BB could caress a lyric with the smoothness of a balladeer and then turn to rough rage and pain in the same verse. He was never off-pitch, was dramatic yet not melodramatic, always in complete control yet baring every emotion possible. In the coming days we’ll read a lot about his guitar work but he was every bit as good of a singer as he was a player.

In farewell I’ll post one of my favorites. It’s a studio jam off the Indianola Mississippi Seeds album. It’s just BB riffing on an old classic and producer┬áBill Szymczyk had the smarts to keep the tape rolling and then splice in a beautiful string section to the last fadeout. The fadeout is almost tragic because you want to hear it just keep going on and on and on. Somewhere out there it is going on, and BB is playing it. RIP brother.

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If This Be My Last Post…


…let it be filled with cats

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