The First Sign of Spring


Pitchers and catchers are reporting today for spring training. I can breathe again.

It’s been a long wait. The 2016 Twins season was a nightmare. 103 losses, GM fired, and a pitching staff that was the very picture of incompetence. We had some prospects flame out and a couple that just didn’t live up to their potential. But some did. And some vets found their groove. And now we have a new front office, younger men who not only know how to pronounce sabermetrics, they are familiar with using them. And now comes the time when hope springs eternal.

I gave up on the NBA back when they abandoned sound fundamentals, hockey never held my interest, and my issues with the NFL are well documented on this blog. But I can never spurn baseball. Even a bad baseball game gives me something. Part of it is the zen of the sport; its measured pace and beautiful settings. Another part of it is that this is the game I know and understand best. So even though my Twins have had a run of wretched seasons that would scar most, I’m actually looking forward to the games beginning. There’s always hope. Actually with the likes of Sano, Kepler, and Buxton there’s more than a little hope.

So here I go again, ready for heartbreak and yet rolling the dice on love again. Throw that first pitch. I’m in the stands.

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With a Head Full of Snow


We got about 4-5 fresh inches of powder in the last 24 hours and it looks beautiful. The dogs utterly freaked out because well, they’re really short and that more snow than they’re built for. Pippin can wade through it if he really wants to but the wind chill this morning was minus twenty so he’s wasn’t motivated to explore his vast territories. Merry can stand about an inch or so. She peed on the deck where the eaves hung over and there was only a trace of the stuff.

I plowed their pathways last night but it all drifted back in. I went out this morning with no coat and just slippers on my feet, shoveling the paths on the deck and then pushing a path to the driveway. It took me about five minutes and while that’s foolish, it’s survivable for a North Dakotan. This afternoon I’ll bundle up and clean off the steps at the side door and then work on the driveway. I was going to hit the treadmill today but the shoveling will give me ample cardio.

We’re in for a cold week and then some more snow, then a thaw. Rinse and repeat. We’ll be in this pattern for a couple more months. For me it’s an opportunity to get work done. Carjo is making noises about expanding the garden this spring and you know who is going to be doing the bulk of preparing this larger garden bed. And then everything else will come to a grinding halt. So I shall keep the proverbial grindstone spinning. It’s either that or think about what President Bannon is up to and that just gets me depressed and angry.

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Caturday – Warm in the Winter Sun


We have had Luna Lovegood for a year and a half now. We think that by nature she’s a solitary cat who would have preferred to be our ONLY cat. But she adapted. Except for the occasional tantrum due to cabin fever she gets along with everyone, particularly Sansa. That’s good because for several months Sansa was her archenemy, her nemesis, her Lex Luthor. So Luna is on board with living with other cats. Now there’s a new development.

Luna has kept herself to particular safe spaces when sleeping. Designated areas where she feels safe and can snooze with no one feline bothering her. Her sleeping position is always circular, keeping that soft underbelly tucked away, protected by claws and attitude. That has changed since summer. Now she crashes anywhere. Before she refused to sleep on the beds in the master bedroom or the man cave. Yesterday she spent the afternoon sleeping on her back between my wife’s knees in the master bedroom. In the photo above, she was caught sprawling on the pillows under the window in the man cave.

So life is good for Luna. This is one cat who HATED being in the shelter and it’s great to see her being carefree to sleep where she wants, or with whom she wants. Nap with Sansa in the master bedroom? Sure. Sprawl in the hallway with Arya after digesting way too much catnip? Absolutely. Crash on the treadmill while her human mother types recipes and gets into fights with conservative on Facebook? Doing that right now.


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An Update of Sorts


It’s been a while so I thought I’d update on my usual issues:

Cats – They have cabin fever and vacillate between sleeping and raising utter hell

Guitar – I suck but am getting those damn calluses back, which is a good thing

Writing – Work is taking up a bit of time now but I got some strides made last weekend and will continue this one. I am inspired so there’s that.

Carjo – She perseveres despite some troubling medical issues.

Vehicles – Mercury Land Yacht (TM) has a flat tire and the Family Truckster is starting to burn oil. Oh, it’s just lovely.

Dogs – lovable but both have the brain power of gnats

Tech – I have somewhat succeeded in resurrecting my old desktop computer and will proceed to run it into the ground. But every piece of tech in this house is getting quite old and the situation remains precarious.

Exercise – I’m back on the wagon after a bad back killed me for about a month. I’m hitting the treadmill on a regular basis. If I can get my pushups/plank program in the same state I’ll be a better man.

Weather – It’ll be a warm weekend after being cold all week. By Monday we get snow, then more deep freeze, then a little thaw. The cycle of winter suck continues.

Beer – There’s not enough in this house. Enough to get me by but not enough where I can drink more than a couple a week. That’s not good but I can live with it for now.

And so it goes.

Oh, and Trump sucks. No, it’s beyond suck. He’s fucking dangerous. Disorganized, chaotic, foolish, impulsive, and thin-skinned. I predict the asshole will be impeached before 2018 election season because by then the Republican party just won’t be able to afford having him around any more. And there is SO MUCH they could impeach him for. Just wait…

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Caturday – Sheldon, When His Nuts Fell


This is Sheldon. He’s a little guy, just around ten pounds and it’s likely he won’t get much bigger. Last week he was neutered, which should insure that he leads a somewhat quiet domesticated life of leisure rather than yowling to go outside and propagate the species. Like all young cats, he does aim to misbehave (when awake) but has proven to be quite the cuddle craver as well. But this afternoon I’ll just let him sleep, dreaming of things that have nothing to do with hormones and everything to do with spring.

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The Final Problem was Pretty Problematic

Sherlock (series 4)

My wife and I love Sherlock. We love Sherlock and John, we love Lestrade and Mrs. Hudson, we even like Mycroft. We’ll watch old episodes now and then (I prefer S201). Carjo reads just a BIT of fanfiction. So we were really pining for this supposedly final season. Episode one was OK. The big death/sacrifice seemed like a bone to those who are convinced that John and Sherlock in an eternal romance is the way the series will end. And believe me, there is a lot of that out there. I could care less but I like to stick to canon. Episode two was sharp, fast and furious, lots of twists and turns, and ending on a perfectly good cliffhanger. The whole “missing sister” thing was a bit much but I could swallow it.

I don’t know why it was we didn’t watch the last episode right away. Maybe it was the same night as the Golden Globes? I don’t remember. But I did notice that the next day there seemed to be a lot of rage and fury and “what the fuck did you do” rants on the Internet. I didn’t read any reviews or rants. I just bookmarked them to read afterwards. And man, there were a lot of them. The stellar AVClub gave the episode a “D” which is pretty scathing. I was beginning to wonder what the problem was.

Last night we finally watched this clusterfuck of an episode. My wife, who ships our two leads pretty hard, was rather disappointed. I could give a shit either way. She slashes a lot of shows. Do not get her started on Stargate. Do not.

I can live without an actual mystery in the episode. I can live with a little bit of fan service. But the incredulous plot, failures in basic logic, failures in understanding even basic freshman psychology, disrespect for female characters, and on and on and on. Why did Euros, who sees all and controls all, end up in an attic all broken and…oh shit, the lack of coherence in that whole situation was ridiculous. The whole girl on the plane thing was just pathetic and so full of holes I’m surprised a producer or actor didn’t scream at Moffat and Gatiss, “NO NO NO!” But apparently no one did. At least the actress that plays Molly did rip Moffat a good one on Twitter for his explanation of how Molly dealt with her part in this catastrophe.

So that’s the way this series is going to end? With the worst episode of the whole shebang (and there have been some clunkers)? As the kids say these days…I can’t even. For a show about a man who depends on logic and deduction/induction to end with such a pointless mash of plot holes and unbelievable events is a slap in the face. Fuck you Steve and Mark. I mean that most sincerely.

I’m afraid I’m going to have to categorize this as I did with the third Alien movie, Godfather III, all seasons of Supernatural after S5, and a few other rank atrocities to perfectly lovable series/franchises: it never happened. Nope. This series ended with episode two and you can’t tell me otherwise.

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As Was Foretold in the Prophecies of Saint Sagan


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