School’s Out


Last Friday was the last day of school. Now the recovery begins. I was doing field trips in between my morning and afternoon routes the last couple weeks and the whole thing was grinding me down. My poor hands, which already suffer from carpal tunnel, were pushed beyond the limit. The legs and ass didn’t exactly fare much better. Let’s just say old buses don’t exactly have the driver’s comfort in mind. I got stomach flu the weekend before last. I don’t drink at all on nights before I drive so basically I went two weeks without a beer. That’s not good for Jerol. But it’s done and now I face a summer of freedom (and poverty).

I started walking in the mornings. At first I tried my old iPod but because the power button is shot I had little control over it once I got it playing. I couldn’t skip songs or switch to a different playlist. I had been using my old iPhone 4S for an alarm clock (the chimes are nearly as obnoxious as our real alarm). I gutted it of all memory-hogging programs and proceeded to load it with over a thousand songs, setting up fifteen playlists of rocking walking tunes. I love it when an improvisation works.

I’ve got a lot of projects to keep me busy. There might be some marketing research coming my way, which will help keep the lights on. I’ll be planting veggies and flowers in the next week, plus fertilizing the lawn and spraying weed-killer on the dandelions. Of course there is writing to do and that’s actually humming along. Soon enough my hands will have recovered enough to grip a guitar neck and pick without significant pain. And finally about a baker’s dozen of small home improvement projects. This isn’t a summer off, this is hitting the ground running. And I can and will have a beer every night.

And of course, here’s our obvious musical selection:


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The Devil’s Craft

craft beer is the devil's craft

I had two cans of Surly Furious IPA last night. Tonight I will likely have a couple Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale, because it is bitter and because it is summer (apologies to Joyce Carol Oates).

On the bitter front, I awoke with great plans of working outside, mowing and raking until I was sweaty and manly. My lower back quickly informed me that such a thing was a very foolish notion and I should take a buttload of Ibuprofen. I also slapped a couple smelly Salon Pas above my ass crack and one more on the back of my right hand.

Driving bus and gripping plastic steering wheels is raising hell with my carpal tunnel. I haven’t been able to play guitar since Christmas break and it kills me. So two more weeks of school and then we’ll see how long it takes to recover. It should only be a week or so but who knows. Getting my old sleep pattern back should take about the same amount of time. Then we’ll see what I can get accomplished with a clear head. Of course, drinking a couple beers might muddy those waters.

Have a great weekend and if you’re drinking craft beer, look me up in hell some time.


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Cross Your Fingers – Spring Might Be Here


And now with more color!

That’s the view out to the deck. Note Arya hiding under one of the chairs. Also please note the last traces of snow along the hedge way to the back of the yard. But wind chill and the words “wintry mix” are no longer in any long range weather reports so I think we’re in the clear. I think by Saturday we’ll actually see temperatures in the 70s which is a far cry from minus twenty-five.

The spring/summer birds are out in force. A host of robins descended upon the berries from our mountain ash. The cats ran them off a few times but I’m glad the tree got stripped. We have to make room for the new buds. The apple trees survived the winter but the verdict is still out on the honey berries. And I think we need a new tree in the backyard. Something to block out the view of that elephant our neighbors have (see photo above).

Now if it would just rain.

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The Healing Power

Nerver Underestimate the Healing Power

Been there and do that every time my wife takes a bath.

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Excuse Me – This Desk is MINE

Arya losing her mind

Three to four times a day Arya leaps into my lap, spins and gyrates and kneads on my chest, then jumps on the desk to knock a few things off of it. I suspect her rope done slipped its pulley.

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Caturday – Winter Cruelty Continues


This photo of Sheldon (top) and Joffrey (bottom) was taken in the late afternoon yesterday. The winds were just hitting 30 mph and the temps were beginning to plunge. Then it started drifting the snow. The cats were having none of it.

This morning I got up to drive bus and it was eight below zero with a wind chill of about minus twenty-five. That’s some face-freezing middle-of-January insanity right there. And we’re almost a week into April. Plus this weekend we’re supposed to get another round of snow.

This winter of discontent just refuses to end. Stay warm my kitties.

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One Man Come in the Name of Love

In memory of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr, SING!

(Especially important to remember in light of the racist grifter we have in the White House)

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