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Gals, Gadgets, and Guns

Last night we drove to Tioga to catch the new Mission Impossible movie, a film with the subtitle Rogue Nation. It was loud, somewhat stupid, often improbable, and thoroughly entertaining. But it got me thinking about action movies and spy … Continue reading

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A Threat at the Cradle of Conservation

Here is Jim Fuglie’s semiannual update on the battle to save/plunder the Elkhorn Ranch, in the heart of the ND Badlands. You would think that with the oil boom on hiatus, these asswipes would be backing off from the insanity … Continue reading

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Caturday – Old Cat, Young Cat

Sneakers looks a little rough in this photo but generally he presents a better view than this. He’s a little ratty and a lot less body mass but he still trots outside, jumps up on the bed, demands attention…everything he’s … Continue reading

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Late Summer Haircuts

I got a haircut just before the funeral last week. It was getting quite long. In another month or so I would have been approaching the look I sported in the mid-70s. I no longer have the hairline to pull … Continue reading

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And We’re Back on the Air

I took some time off from blogging. We had my mother-in-law’s memorial service last Friday, had my sister-in-law as a guest for a week, made trips to Minot and Bismarck, etc. Sister-in-law flew home yesterday and we’re back to what … Continue reading

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Golden Waves in August

We went to the farm last night and took several photos. This is one of the better ones. It’s a wheat field just across from the farmstead. That’s right, “amber waves of grain” is not a myth of Americana. It’s … Continue reading

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Damn I Miss Warren Zevon

Warren has always meant a great deal to me. He’s a bonding point between me and my brother, between me and many of my friends. His cynicism, his optimism, his joy and his bleakness. Few in rock music reached his … Continue reading

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