Caturday – Old Cat, Young Cat


Sneakers looks a little rough in this photo but generally he presents a better view than this. He’s a little ratty and a lot less body mass but he still trots outside, jumps up on the bed, demands attention…everything he’s done in the past just at a slower pace. I suspect he’ll check out this year but he’s certainly making a graceful dignified exit.


Arya has gone from scruffy to fluffy. Early this year she chewed a lot of her fur off. The vet could find no cause for this and it was a lot of worry for us. Whatever it was, she shook it off. Now she’s a giant ball of fluff, obsessed with either roaming the yard or jumping into my lap when I’m working.

That’s it for today. Got a lot of house-work done this morning and now it’s back to work-work and writing-work. And maybe some baseball. There’s always room for baseball. Even when the Twins are losing there’s room for baseball. They haven’t been doing a lot of losing lately and it’s getting very entertaining. The next several seasons are going to be a lot of fun.

Have a good weekend.

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2 Responses to Caturday – Old Cat, Young Cat

  1. Marc-André says:

    What a cute fluffy tummy! 😮

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