Spin the Black Circle

I have a really nice turntable at home that never gets used. Yes, there are the usual issues of me not playing music because 90% of my collection drives my spousal unit nuts but this goes beyond that. There is a grounding loop created by our cable TV connection that results in horrific feedback whenever I switch the amplifier to phono. I have tried every solution under the sun. Hell, even the owner of the audio store (friend of mine from way back) stopped by and couldn’t find a way to defeat it. So I rarely bother to play records and often glare at the turntable, wondering how much I could get if I pawned the damn thing.

Last night I was cleaning our entertainment center and dusting off all the components. I switched the amp to phono and noticed that annoying 60 cycle hum was gone. I do not know what Comcast has done to their signal but it was as clean as could be. I quickly ran to the album rack and dug out Muddy Waters’ Hard Again LP. I played “Mannish Boy” at a thundering volume and oh it sounded sweet. Carjo came out and I explained the situation. Then I dug out her old SKB album and put on “This Old House”. And for a brief window of time in these days of pre-election anxiety, contentment reigned in the House of Ber.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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