Splendid Isolation

5 trillion mosquitoes

I got this image from a friend’s post on Facebook. I love the isolation of this place, the seclusion. But something tells me living in this place would result in playing host to five trillion mosquitoes.

Both my wife and I are fascinated by dwellings like this. Any time we see a comfortable home tucked away in the middle of nowhere on TV we sigh and say “I could live there.” I suppose it’s a result of living in a big metropolitan area for so long, often in apartments. We yearned for privacy, to live in quiet solitude with our pets. A remote mountain cabin or a lone country cottage is our ideal. We just want to be left alone, to live out the rest of our days in privacy and peace.

In a way this is the life we have right now. We live on a side street in a small town, surrounded by miles and miles of prairie and wheat fields. That should be our dream but now that seems to be a shadow of that. In this quiet town the oil field trash like to drive their white pickups about forty-five miles as hour down residential streets meant to be traveled at fifteen. The truck traffic from the highway is constant because the industry runs 24/7. We were supposed to see a slowdown in activity with the drop in the price of oil but it hasn’t happened. Driving back from Minot last Friday it was an endless parade of cars and trucks on US 2, a far cry from the way it was even five years ago. This once quiet countryside is suffering from a barrage of rude noise and it won’t improve for years. I guess one could still find the quiet life in the eastern part of the state. The last time I drove from Minot east to Grand Forks it was like I stumbled upon a North Dakota that existed several years ago.

The answer is of course moving but that won’t be feasible for several years. So we’ll stick it out, putting the bar in the sliding glass door every night and ignoring the din (and dust) from the truck parade. We make our own splendid isolation and most days, that’s enough for now.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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