The Best Laid Plans of Writers Often Go Awry

You should be writing

Well, I’m trying. Too much outside crap has been getting in the way again but I keep pushing the stone up the hill. But some of the impediments of the past several weeks are finally at bay so I can get rolling again. The short story has gotten a final look and I’m setting it aside. I’ll submit it to TOR at the end of the month and then will pray to the dark gods of authors that it finds some traction there. TOR wants exclusive submissions so I won’t cast a wider net until after I get a rejection, or figure out that I’m just never getting an answer.

Today I’m just working my way through Book One, tidying up some clunky dialog in an early chapter. I had one of those brainstorms that only occur in the middle of doing something else and it vanished before I could remember to write it down. That’s typical of me though. The combination of ADHD and my brain being over fifty years old often results in bright ideas and important notions swirling down the drain. It’s frustrating but I live with it.

Anyway, working through Book One is getting my fingers and brain back in sync. Later today or tomorrow morning I’ll be back in Book Two, pounding the keys like my life depends on it. There is a nagging idea in my head that if Book One snares a deal, then I’d have a publisher eager for progress on Books Two and then Three. The further along I get the better it is. It’s always good to have a bit of fear as a motivator, even if it is an imagined one.

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1 Response to The Best Laid Plans of Writers Often Go Awry

  1. tmezpoetry says:

    Onward and up without the stone! Just don’t let it hit me on the way down please hehe.

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