A Filthy Little Victory


Over five years ago we were packing up to move to North Dakota. A friend of ours was helping and while lugging a box of cassettes to the truck looked at me and growled, “you realize that this stuff is about three or four format changes behind.” Well, most of those tapes contain music that I don’t have on vinyl or CD, or just some damn great mix tapes. So we moved them. Turns out that both Mercury Land Yachts had tape decks so I’ve had plenty of chances to enjoy them. My parents had a tape deck in the house and I used that to record some new tapes for the car. I stuck the tape deck back downstairs because it just wasn’t getting enough use at home. Until now.

As I have noted many times before, our basement is a mess. My mother never maintained a thing in it after Dad died in ’98. It flooded a few times and I have gutted most of it down to the 2×4 studs. There’s some cinder block walls that I have been repainting and a few other ongoing projects. When I down there I used to plug either the iPad or my phone into the dock on this little Sony so I’d have some music to play. Of late, when I’m down there emptying the dehumidifier, sweeping up cat litter off the floor, or facing down the odious task of cleaning out the three litter boxes, I crank a CD. As you can see, I’ve built up a little stack of them.

The other day as I was flipping through the functions of the Sony and I remembered it had an audio input. It took a little work to find it. It wasn’t in the back like most components. It was on the right side and it would only accommodate a single mini-plug. Hmm. So to hook up anything I’d need a Y adapter with a couple female RCAs leading into a single male mini. Hmm.

Today we got a huge Amazon shipment. It’s been months since we’ve done anything on Amazon. Oil prices are way down and our discretionary spending has been light. But we’re both pulling in a little from other ventures so we felt safe on stocking up on a few things. And in that order was my little Y adapter. I plugged in in this afternoon, got out one of my old tapes, and cranked it up. First song up was The Shoes – She Satisfies. Ahhh.

I’ll dust off this Sony and the tape deck now. It gets pretty dusty in that basement as I keep the windows open from spring through fall to reduce the humidity. But I am enjoying this little victory. When you don’t get a lot of big wins, every little win counts. This winter when I’m painting or whatever downstairs, I’ll pull out an old cassette and think, “it’s not a forgotten format if it still works.” And crank it up.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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