The Force, Or Something Remotely Similar To It, Awakens

The trailer for the new Star Wars movie dropped on Monday night. Today is Wednesday and by now anyone who can say the Nerd is strong within them has viewed it multiple times. Most are going online and raving about it, dissecting it from every possible angle and speculating on what the plot might be. Which is what we nerds do when faced with this sort of thing. We dissect, we analyze, and in some cases, we make dire predictions:

Burneko makes a good point above. Basically, this series is two for six. Two great movies, one mediocre one and three really horrible ones. So the track record is not good. I’ve ranted about the mediocrity of Jedi before (fucking Ewoks) and don’t get me started on the prequels. Really, don’t. I live in an alternative universe where there were only three Star Wars movies, two Alien films, two Godfathers, three Indy movies, no X-Men movies were made following the second one until X-Men First Class… So there’s a valid argument that the next Star Wars could be a catastrophe.

I think there’s a good chance it will be decent. This is, after all, a Disney project. The Mouse does not mess around. Look at their track record since Marvel became a Disney property. Say what you will about Disney, the Mouse knows how to milk a franchise opportunity. They’ve got this down to a science. Note that JJ Abrams buddy Damon Lindelhof was not allowed anywhere near this script. Instead it was given to Lawrence Kasdan and Michael Arndt. Both have had a few stiffs in their resume but still are light years and parsecs beyond Lindelhof’s miserable scripts (four words: Star Trek: Into Darkness). And god knows they won’t be making Lucas-level mistakes either. Oh, they’ll keep his goofy naming conventions but the dialog is going to get a major upgrade and that plot will be so tight it squeaks. Disney wants this to not only generate box office, but toy sales, amusement rides, revenue for eons. Nope, the Mouse is not going to let Abrams screw the pooch.

One could argue with this much money at stake, they’re going to play it safe. Well, it’s not like this franchise took many risks (other than the dark plot of Empire, the greatest film in the franchise) before. But there’s a lot of positive in that trailer. A couple of actors get to look their age (Harrison and Carrie), the leads are a woman and a black man. That’s not exactly standard Hollywood casting. This shows a lot of potential.

The film I’m jonesing for the most right now is the new Quentin Tarantino western but right now, The Force Awakens is second on my list. I won’t be there opening night. I’ve suffered through that insanity for all of the LOTR films, the Harry Potter movies, Matrix (oh wait, there was only one of those too)…I’m too old for that shit. But I’ll be there opening weekend, with a New Hope in mind.

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