Caturday – Knave, Prepare My Chambers


It’s a very odd thing but the cats are inching into winter mode. Let me explain. First, there has been an interest in sleeping spots that are normally reserved for winter. This chair is normally sought out in the mid-winter. Why, I don’t know. Daniel spent a good part of January/February there, burrowed into a pile of blankets and a thick comforter we piled on the cushion. A few days ago he indicated a renewed interest in spending the night there. Hmm.

Sansa, the Queen of Mayhem, has stopped staying out late. In fact, she’s only the last one home about half the time now. It used to be a constant. The nights have been getting a little colder but that means temps in the fifties rather than the sixties. And she spends more of the day inside, like she’s back under house arrest. Arya, her soul sister and partner in crime, has been spending afternoons in the man cave closet, perched on a folder comforter. Hmm.

The advance forecast says our fall will be colder than normal. Farmer’s Almanac predicted a winter that would be brutish and long for the northern plains states. Do the cats sense this and are already adjusting for it? Or are they just showing signs of maturity or in Daniel’s case, senility? It’s perplexing but I have a feeling about the coming season. It’s not a good one. I better stock up on dark beer.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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